The Parker Clinic was established in Bishopston, Bristol over 50 years ago. It has firm roots in the community and has provided a high standard of chiropractic care to generations of families around Bristol.

Our Philosophy
Our primary aim is provide natural relief to a myriad of disorders affecting the joints, bones and muscles of the body. We offer chiropractic care, massage, acupuncture and exercise rehabilitation. The clinic has onsite x-ray facilities and access to MRI scanning. In line with our holistic chiropractic approach, we also give advice on diet, posture and exercise - these lifestyle issues can be extremely important in your overall recovery.

  "chiropractic is the natural choice to improve your physical health"

All ages and different types of lifestyle can benefit from chiropractic care, and this is reflected in those seen in Bristol at The Parker Clinic.  Patients from both the local Bishopston community and the whole of the Bristol area come to the clinic to receive chiropractic care.  From new born babies to the elderly, sportsmen and women, manual and clerical workers, there are very few occupations and lifestyles that have not been seen in over 50 years, and all will find a warm welcome at The Parker Clinic.

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The Parker Clinic
132 Gloucester Road
Bristol BS7 8NL
Tel: 0117 9245842