Back pain has a horrible habit of recurring time and time again. This is often due to weakening of the deep supporting muscles of the spine which occurs after each episode of pain, leaving us more vulnerable to further episodes. A vicious cycle

How does it Work?

Chiropractic rehabilitation involves the restoration of proper function to the joints, and importantly, the strengthening of supporting muscles and soft tissues. This will usually involve specific spinal adjustments, combined with a programme of stretching, resistance training, and co-ordination exercises to improve core stability.

Some patients will receive a set of simple exercises to do at home. Others will need more careful supervision.

Rehabilitation is important to help avoid re-injury to joints and soft tissues that may be weakened by previous injury or by long-periods of mis-use. Fitness is an important part of your over-all health.

Strengthening the muscles that support your spine can speed the healing process and help avoid a relapse.